Academic English and Crystallography Classes – Memorable Moments & Activities

Two weeks have passed so fast! The Academic English and Crystallography Courses of the first year in the framework of MOMA project held at HNUE have successfully ended with the enthusiastic participation of students and lecturers from the Faculties of Chemistry and Physics under the devoted guidance of  teachers from KU Leuven, Ms Van Durme, Ms Everaert and Prof Van Meervelt. This has contributed to the success of the project.

During these two weeks, so many memorable moments and activities have taken place and they have been recorded. Here are some outstanding pictures:


Coffee break – A great time to recharge and chat

The last class – Thank you for your enthusiasm!

A souvenir in front of the Adminisatrion Building – HNUE

Farewell party at Viet’s Food (IPH Building)

Nice Trip to Sapa – Unforgettable Moment at Fansipan Peak (Roof of Indochina)

See you soon!