Course delivery on Renewable Energy at Quy Nhon University between 01 and 05 August 2022

Renewable Energy is one of the most breakthrough solutions to replace traditional fuel sources that are gradually depleting. Therefore, it is absolutely vital and useful for postgraduate students majoring in chemistry, physics, and materials science to be equipped with relevant knowledge of renewable energy. To support the curriculum development and provide students with both basic and in-depth knowledge about the subject of Renewable Energy, within the framework of the MOMA project on Research-based curriculum development of molecular and materials sciences in Vietnam, a five-day Renewable Energy course lectured by Professor Wilko Rohlfs from the University of Twente Netherlands has taken place at Quy Nhon University from 01/08 to 05/08, 2022. The representative of the MOMA project management board had carefully prepared and provided all the best conditions for students and lecturers of the four Vietnamese partner universities to attend the class.

The course had attracted about 30 postgraduate students majoring in Solid State Physics, Chemistry, and many undergraduate students who have a passion for Naturals Science. The lecturers of the four Vietnamese partner universities (including Da Nang University of Education, Can Tho University, Hanoi National University of Education, and Quy Nhon University) also enthusiastically participated in the course. The main content of the course covered the principles of energy conversion. In particular, the scientific content of heat transfer as the source of all energy problems had attracted all students participating in the class. With an enthusiasm for learning, all attendees had actively participated in the lectures and had a chance to discuss intensively with the lecturer.

Some activities in the course

After a week, the course ended successfully, leaving attendees with unforgettable memories and experience. Students not only had accumulated a lot of academic knowledge but also practical applications of renewable energy. The students’ enthusiasm and passion for Natural Science and English have been improved during the course. Lecturers from Can Tho University, Danang University of Education, and Hanoi National University of Education also enthusiastically participated in the class. In the last lecture of the course, students played the guitar, sang Vietnamese songs to the professor, and gave him some souvenirs from their hometown. At the end of the course, the participants are granted a certificate of course completion.

Some pictures from the last day of the course