A Video Creation Contest about Science for fun and applications – Color of Brain

MOMA Vietnam launches a video creation contest about science for fun and application, called Color of Brain:
Color of Brain – a video creation contest of MOMA project

Talking about natural science, many people maybe think it is only abstract, complicated, “dry” formulas or theories? The truth is not completely like that! Discovering natural science, you will find out that around us, there exist EXTREMELY EXCITING phenomena through scientific reactions and experiments. Therefore, the MOMA Vietnam project organizes a video creation contest – Color of Brain to create a scientific playground where you can express your passion, love, and discoveries for science.

With this contest, you can create without borders colorful and interesting fun experiments, just as its name suggests: “Color” – characteristic for the rich, colorful and attractive of experiments. “Brain” – representing intelligent brains, always filled with amazing, bold ideas. So, let “Color of Brain” become a playground, become your companion to freely express your creativity and your scientific knowledge.

Contest Formality:
Contest participants send their clips created by themselves about funny, beautiful, attractive and interesting experiments to the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will set up a jury to judge and post on the Fanpage of MOMA Vietnam for interaction: https://www.facebook.com/momavietnam/?ref=page_internal
Video Clip Content:
The experiment should be conducted on the basis of scientific knowledge of Chemistry and Physics, creating a sense of fun, interesting and meaningful in spreading comprehension, love for Chemistry/Physics, with explanation (subtitled or voiced).
Contest Participants:
– School students (from high schools, secondary schools)
– Undergraduated Students- School teachers
– Science lovers (all over the country)
Note: The maximum number of authors for each clip is 03. Each author (or author group) can send maximum 03 clips.
Made and filmed by the authors. The clip content is scientific, does not contain unhealthy images, the language ensures the purity of Vietnamese. Each clip should have a name and duration of 3-5 minutes. Recommended with English subtitles.
Contest clips should be sent to the Organizing Committee with attachment of a word file containing:
– Full information about the author of the clip (full name, date of birth, school, office, address and contact phone number);
-Description of how to conduct experiments in the clip, and explain the scientific basis of that experiment.
TIME: FROM 25.01.2021 TO 30.05.2021
Exam sent to email address: colorofbrainmoma@gmail.com
Email subject: Name of clip
Product evaluation criteria:
Quality of recording clip: Image and sound are clear, not blurry or angle is unclear.
Content: Ensuring the requirements with the contest clip and being creative and attractive.
Score calculation:
70% of exam scores are graded and given by the Jury Board according to the stated criteria.

30% test score is based on your video engagement on the page in the following way:Step1: Like Fanpage MOMA VietNam: https://www.facebook.com/momavietnam/?ref=page_internal

Step 2: Like, share with hashtag:
Like: 1 point
Emotion (except angry emotion): 2 points
Share with hashtag: 5 points
Note: like Fanpage MOMA VietNam
Main prizes: First prizes, Second prizes, Third prizes and Consolation prizes
Extra prizes: The most popular clip award, the most creative clip award, the most unique clip award.