Electrochemistry – Online course for students of Chemistry department in the framework of MOMA project

In the framework of the MOMA project (Research-based curriculum development in molecular and materials sciences), the University of Education, Da Nang University have been organizing the online course “Electrochemistry”, with the instruction of Professor Edward Matthijs, KU Leuven, Belgium. This is a course for students of Department of Chemistry, Da Nang University of Education. In addition, lecturers from the project’s member universities in Vietnam, Hanoi University of Education and Quy Nhon University, also participate in the course

Dr. Vo Thang Nguyen takes notes and explains difficult content in Vietnamese

The course provides the basic knowledge of the principles of electrochemical processes including the kinetics, thermodynamics and the applications of electrochemical process in daily life and in industry. In order to improve the effectiveness of online teaching, the knowledge in the class is codified with questions and review exercises, which are sent by professors to students at the end of the lesson. At the same time, a number of discussion questions about new lessons are also provided by the professor before each lesson, as a basis for students to pre-study the main content of knowledge.