Equipment Installation and Training at HNUE

In the last week of April, along with Vietnam’s victory in the fight against Corona virus Covid-19, HNUE has received the equipment package including a FL8500 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer, a Microwave Synthesis Reactor – Monowave 200 Anton Paar, and a Cimarec Hotplate Stirrer Thermo Fisher which will be used for the teaching and learning of subjects newly built or upgraded in the framework of MOMA project and for the research activities at HNUE. Later, a training on the operation and use of the equipment has also been held for some HNUE staff. Here are some photos taken during the installation and training of the equipment.

SISC technician is opening the package and installing the equipment.



Fluorescence Spectrophotometer FL8500 Perkin Elmer in place.

Staff and PhD students attending the training
Staff is practicing the measurements on their real samples
Microwave Synthesis Reactor: Monowave 200 Anton Paar Cimarec Hotplate Stirrer Thermo Fisher