Extension for CGC submission untill May 27th, 2021 in Northern Region

Announcement about the deadline for submission of products of the Crystal Growing Competition in Northern Region

Currently, the COVID epidemic situation in Hanoi and northern provinces is very complicated, leading to difficulties in sending products by post or shipping.

Therefore, the organizers of the Crystal Growing Competition – Northern Region announced:

The deadline for submitting products Type 1 (Single Crystal) has been postponed to May 27th, 2021 (organizers hopes by that time the situation will be stable and the post office will operate as usual).

Product submission address remains the same:

Nguyễn Bích Ngân,

Khoa Hoá học, Trường ĐH Sư phạm Hà Nội

136 Xuân Thuỷ, Cầu giấy, Hà Nội

Điện thoại: 0835377769.

Deadline for submitting products Type 2 (video clip): 24 h, 27/5/2021 to email cryst.grow.comp.vn@gmail.com.