Online course Building Chemistry lesson plans at HNUE

In the framework of the MOMA project, the newly built-up course “Building Chemistry lesson plans” was successfully held from November 15th– December 15th 2021 at Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE)f. This course has been taught in form of blended teaching (3 online lectures by professor Alfred Flint from the University of Rostock, Germany, and 10 on-site lectures by Dr. Pham Thi Binh and Dr. Pham Thanh Nga from HNUE) with the participation of 34 HNUE bachelor students and other students and lecturers from Vietnamese partner universities

The lessons took place with a lively learning atmosphere. Students actively performed the learning tasks organized by the professor, asked questions, and interacted with the professor. 

The lectures of Professor Flint focused in-depth on Chemistry teaching methods, the requirements and roles of chemical experiments in teaching Chemistry at high schools, and especially analysis of these experiments with regard to daily life. The lectures were interesting, attractive, and easy to understand. The professor has given tasks and detailed instruction for students to prepare before class, organized them to work in group during class in order to increase exchange and interaction in the lessons.  

After the course, a google form link has been sent to get feedback from lecturers and students participating in the class. The feedback is very positive, all participants highly appreciated such classes. They would like to express their sincere gratitude and best wishes to Professor Alfred Flint.