Project Development: 2. Lab upgrage to allow research-based education

This work package focuses on the identification, purchase, export and installation of state-of-the art lab equipment to fulfill the needs of renewed and innovative MMS education at the four VPU. Given the difficulties of local purchase and the according heavy procedures, it was decided by the project members that the goods will be bought in Europe and exported to the partner countries.

– Task 1: Scanning laboratory.

The four VPU make the informative list of the available equipment in their laboratories. Then the lists will be sent to EPU experts to have rough ideas of what need to be added.

– Task 2: Purchasing and installing new equipment.

The new equipment will be bought by KU Leuven and then transported to the VPU and installed in the four laboratories.

– Task 3. Training technicians

The technicians of the four laboratories will be trained by the company.

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