Project Dissemination

The project dissemination activities will be organized at four different levels: 1) Promoting project’s activities and objectives;

2) Enhancing the interest in MMS of students and the general public;

3) Promoting new MMS courses established at beneficiary universities;

4) Cooperating for the exploitation of project results.

The following activities will be included and conducted during the project life: 

  • Designing an official website for publishing project information, activities, deliveries, and results to support the communication in the beneficiary country (Vietnam).  The link of the official website of the project will be put in all project partner home page to ensure that the project is visible to their students, staffs, high school students, and interested people;  
  • Organizing Open-days: Open-days will be held at each beneficiary university, aiming to introduce the new programmes, research activities, and applications of MMS to school students, students’ parents, and interested people; motivating students to enroll the training programmes in this field;
  • Making videos of interesting and applicable experiments in the field of MMS (Task 6.3), which will be shown in high school visits and published on the project website to get attraction of students;
  • Organizing school visits in remote areas (Task 6.4) in order to introduce the training programmes in MMS, future job opportunities, and higher education after graduation;
  • –  Organizing Crystal Growing Competition (CGC) (Task 6.5) to get high school students, and interested people involved in practice in the field of MMS, which will foster the popularity and application of this field; 
  • Participating education conferences (Task 6.6) in order to share the project results; 
  • Distributing brochures of updated programmes to high school students during the school visits, open days, and orientation days (Task 6.7) to raise awareness of target groups about the innovative education of MMS;

Communication strategy: the project website; newsletters, social networks such as Twitter, Facebook; YouTube; and local media.

To ensure the optimal use of the project results after the project’s lifetime, the information on the newly upgraded or designed courses will be published in the admission handbook of all beneficiary universities for newly enrolling students.

Target groups of dissemination strategy

  • Beneficiary universities
  • Other Vietnamese Universities
  • Schools
  • Companies, employers.

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