Result of the video creation contest: “Color of Brain”


After a 6-month duration, the Video Creation Contest about Science for Fun and Applications, so called ‘COLOR OF BRAIN’ has had a good ending.

This was the first edition of the contest and due to the rage situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the number of submitted videos was still limited but all videos received were rich in ideas, some were very attractive, interesting and valuable for learning and teaching Science in schools.

Congratulation to the authors of the following video clips:

Prize Video Clip Name and Link
1st prize Golden Rain 1:
2nd prize Burning Ice:
3rd prizes Bath bomb:

Chameleon Reaction:

Consolation prizes Metamorphic Precipitate:

Golden rain 2:

Lighting a candle without fire:

Erupting Volcano:

Some advices from the the judges and organizers to improve your video for the next contest:

VIDEO CONTENT: clear explanation (including chemical reactions); tips for a successful experiment; warning and safety; correct subtitle

VIDEO TECHNIQUE: background aesthetics; color contrast; sound effects.