Science experience Day at HNUE – An activity arousing science passion


Sharing the atmosphere to celebrate the Vietnam Science and Technology Festival on May 18, many scientific and technological activities have been organized by Hanoi University of Education (HNUE) including four faculties: faculty of Chemistry, faculty of Physics, faculty of Biology and faculty of Engineering education. MOMA project is honored to accompany Faculty of Chemistry and HNUE to organize activities at the Faculty of Chemistry.

Under the scorching heat of 40 oC, but the atmosphere at the Faculty of Chemistry has been always crowded, bustling with the voices and smiles of pupils, teachers, parents from various schools in Hanoi as well as from other cities and provinces such as Hai Phong, Ninh Binh, Ha Nam …

At the faculty yard, the experience activities have been divided by 6 “corners” with interesting chemical experiments designed in the form of games, magic shows, etc. Children have experienced themselves by groups at each corner: first they observed the performances of instructors, then tried it on their own and got suggestions to explain the nature of each experiment.

At the first corner, pupils experienced two fun experiments which are “ghost octopus” and “fire hand”. They were all very impressed by the “ghost octopus” experiment which turned a pumpkin into an octopus. Only with one pumpkin and some chemicals, long tentacles have been grown from the pumpkin. The magic show of burning fire on hands was even more attractive to the ones who dare to try adventure (but not really dangerous because you have been instructed to conduct it very safely). There were some who begged to try up to many times with a face full of pride as a superhero. This experiment brought happy moments, even though for those who not dared to try it.

At the second and third corners named “Who is stronger?”, the participants played a game with their breath to measure how big their lung is. Besides, the experiment also was designed to describe the physical and chemical properties of carbon dioxide gas contained in exhaled air. Take a deep breath and exhale! Pupils and the teachers were very excited to take a test to see who has the biggest lung and our new record was 4.7 liters. And it is still just a breath, but turning a blue solution faded away into colorless, turning the transparent liquid into opaque and then turning transparent again. The rule is that the stronger your blow is, the faster the liquid change. After the game, pupils have the chance to apply their chemical knowledge to explain phenomena happened as well as other phenomena in practice such as stalactites and stalagmites in natural caves.

The fourth and fifth corners with a very teen name “Love has no errors, all errors are by chemistry” with magic experiments of “traffic light” reaction: the liquid changes color from red to green and then yellow just by shaking or leaving it stand? Water can make fire? Making a bleeding cut on hands without pain? It’s all amazing and interesting but could be explained easily by chemical knowledge.

The sixth corner shimmered with many fireworks colors by burning various metallic salt, fires in a liquid, fire tornado.

And there were two more special corners that are: “the fresh stream” corner to enjoy making cold cups of milk tea in a very “cool” way, with backflows of water, lemon juice made with lemongrass essential oil produced by a group of lecturers at the faculty of Chemistry. Pupils also contemplated by a very special chess board made by chemists (lecturers and students from HNUE) which is very widely shared on many facebook pages.

The program has welcomed more than 600 high school students, teachers and parents with more than 50 Chemistry staff and students in organizing board.

Two wonderful days of science experience for both participers and organizers!

See you next times with more other fascinating experiments!