The 2nd Natural Science Experience Open Day at Quy Nhon University

On April 11, 2021, the 2nd Natural Science Experience Day at Quy Nhon University took place successfully with the sponsorship of the MOMA Project titled “Research-based curriculum development in Molecular and Materials Science Vietnam ”.

The event has welcomed more than 500 natural science lovers including children, elementary/secondary/high students, and university students in Quy Nhon city and surrounding districts.

In this wonderful event, the students experienced many interesting experiments and educational games in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Biology. In addition, they had a chance to observe many attractive display models such as single crystal samples, chemical / physical / biological equipment models, …

The event not only brought useful lessons but also offered students an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange questions, thereby arousing their passions with science and providing them with adequate career orientation.

Below are some pictures with captions, which were taken at this exciting event.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Ngoc My, Rector of Quy Nhon University delivers the opening speech for the Natural Science Experience Open Day
The opening ceremony attracts the attendance of many interested school students and university undergraduates
Exciting moment when a high school student answers questions at the opening ceremony
The students’ pleasant and smiling faces at the opening ceremony
Dr. Nguyen Le Tuan – Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Quy Nhon University (middle) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Thi Ngan – Project Manager of the MOMA Vietnam.
The experiment of observing the electric discharge attracted a lot of attention of young people
The booth displays mushrooms and germs
The high school students enjoy observing the process of producing lemongrass essential oil
Students are experiencing the use of test paper for detecting the presence of borax in food

Many students get excited when experiencing the educational and funny chemistry experiments
The booth displays organic molecular models and colorful single crystals
A student is experiencing the utilization of an actual rangefinder
Not only high school students but also childrens really enjoy the experience activities (Instinctive reactionwhen kids feel the electricity current running through their body)
The participants are filling the feedbacks after attending the Open Day