Third Natural Science Experience day in Da Nang

Within the MOMA framework, 3rd Science Open Day was organized on the 24th of April, 2022 by the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics, at University of Education – The University of Da Nang (UD-UEd). This is an effort to spread scientific knowledge to the local community, especially to high school students.

With the success of the first and the second Open Day in 2019 and 2021, this has become an annual event of the University. This year, it has attracted a lot more students and parents. This time, to be more prepared, beside the connection established during the first two events in the previous year, the organizer has created a registration form for those who would like to attend this activity. This form has reached out to about a thousand viewers. There were several local high schools willing to take their students to the Open day. Over 400 students from high schools around the area have participated in different activities during the Open Day. Our department offered numbers of scientific posters and hands-on experiments to the participants. To assist the audiences, over 30 senior students enthusiastically helped with the demonstration and supervision all over the exhibition area.

3rd Openday was held on 24th April 2022 in Unviersity of Education, The University of Da Nang
Staffs and volunteer students prepared “performing experiment area” for the Openday
Participants enjoyed the beauty of colourful solutions
They also knew how to treat waste water chemically by Fenton method
The high school students participated in the experiment called “Mysterious black snake”
A group of high school students were observing how to chemically distinguish different chemicals
Female students were attracted by the “lipstick making” session with the natural colour from plants
There was an experiment showing how to extract lemongrass essential oils
High school students participated in the “magic breath” experiment